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Fresh from Farm to Highchair™

Straight from the Source

 We partner with mostly local farms here in the United States to bring you the freshest, organic, and non-GMO produce from farmers we know and trust.

We Make It Homemade So You Don’t Have To™

 Just like you would make at home, we gently prepare and blend our fresh ingredients in our certified organic kitchen in Southern California and fill them into our eco-friendly pouches. We also make sure to include superfoods and healthy fats, which are crticial for optimal nutrient absorption and brain development.

Keep It Simple

We never use any preservatives, concentrates, or processed purees. You won’t ever find citric acid, sugars, or lemon juice concentrates in our blends!

Now It Gets Exciting!

Instead of high heat thermal pasteurization that kills vital nutrients, enzymes and healthy bacteria, we use High Pressure Pascalization. Our pouches go into water chambers with as much pressure as the deepest part of the ocean x 5!

This unique technology uses pressure instead of heat to maintain food safety and to maintain the nutrients, enzymes, textures, colors, and aromas of the original food.

The Truth is in the Color

Here is our mango, a fresh mango, and a shelf stable mango.

need we say more?

Safety First!

Each batch is tested for safety before getting released. Our baby food is delivered straight to your door, in eco-friendly temperature controlled packaging, or delivered to the refrigerated section of your local grocery store

. You can feel assured that your baby is only getting the freshest and most nutritious baby food on the market. Just look at our nutritionals and taste the difference for yourself! You can also feel confident that each blend has been mom, pediatrician, and infant nutritionist approved. Each blend has been well-thought-out to give your baby the most age appropriate ingredients with optimal vitamin, mineral, fat, protein and carbohydrate ratios.

For Love of the Pouch

Pouches allow you complete feeding flexibility. Spoon feed in the younger months and allow your toddler or older kiddo to take it with them on the go. Our pouches are eco-friendly creating a low carbon footprint and are 100% recyclable through our recycling program so you can leave the planet cleaner and greener for generations to come.